**This parking pass is only valid for the dates indicated on the top portion of this permit. All permits expire at midnight on the date of expiration.


If you have any questions contact the Parking Office at 831-582-3573 or by email parking_office@csumb.edu



For a complete list of regulations visit csumb.edu/parking

- Parking permits are required 24 hours per day, seven days per week

- This permit is not valid in East Campus Housing

- Permit must be displayed face up on the dashboard

- Permit valid only for date/time indicated

- Vehicle must be parked in marked stalls

- It is unlawful to possess or display a lost, stolen, forged or altered permit, $150 fine

- University parking permits may not be transferred or sold by the permit holder

-No vehicle shall be parked on any sidewalk, pathway, or walkway designed for pedestrian use; or any unpaved area including lawns, landscaped areas, and trails

Price: $4.00
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